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Book Reviews

A #1 Best Seller In Real Estate Sales Books!

“A fantastic guide for any new realtor looking to navigate through this business and jumpstart their career!"

Chrishell Stause, Realtor, The Oppenheim Group Real Estate

Starring on Netflix’s Series “Selling Sunset”


"Whether you are a newbie Realtor or a seasoned one, this inspiring book teaches you how to 'attract your tribe', keep a positive mindset and reach success, in one of the toughest sales industries. April is raw throughout the book sharing her own experiences and challenges, while giving you insight on what it's truly like to be a Sales Representative. A fun and easy-to-read book, that is sure to make you feel empowered by the end."

Lorena Magallanes, Broker/Co-founder Stomp Realty Inc. 

"With a focus on being authentic and putting clients first, This a must read for any salesperson who wants to build real connections and make a difference in this business.”

“A must read for any Realtor who finds themselves struggling & frustrated in their career. This book is a simple and truthful way to guide anyone going through tough times as a Realtor. I would highly recommend it to any Realtor who feels like giving up or that just hasn’t seen any progress in their career."

Maroly Chavez, Real Estate Agent

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“I wish I had this book when I first started in real estate. It acts as a guide, a tool that can be used to simplify (in steps) the overwhelming and daunting task of breaking your way into the real estate world, and establishing yourself as a business. This book is relatable. In reading it, you feel comfort in knowing you
are not alone in your experiences. It is a helping hand, that will not only give you ideas, but will also make you think outside the box in creating and customizing your business to suit you and your clients needs."

Meghan Doherty, Realtor. Royal LePage


Erica Smith, Broker of Record & Founder

“With her new book “How to Thrive as a Real Estate Agent”, April has distilled down the myriad of pitfalls and mistakes that can trap a new real estate agent and has provided a guide to jumpstart your real estate career. If you follow her advice and her easy to follow steps, you will not only save money, but save time, and advance your career at a rate you wouldn’t believe. April's book is also a wakeup call to many seasoned realtors who might find themselves in a rut or failing to capitalize on the social media marketing and advertising opportunities that are dominating today's market. This book is a must read for any new agent and would be of great value to any agent wanting to refocus and jumpstart their real estate business.”

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