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The 6 Figure Realtor

Success Story!

With the launch of the 6 Figure Realtor Mentorship Program I’m now looking for 3 Realtors to take on and feature as THRIVING case-study success stories! 

These Realtor must be serious about jumpstarting their careers and building their business/brand for long-term thriving success.

This program is for the Realtor who is serious about investing in herself, her business, her brand and who wants to take advantage of a HUGE opportunity.  

This huge OPPORTUNITY means -  HUGE discount for you! But… 

Here’s the catch - I’d love to showcase YOU, what you’ve learned and your THRIVING success story after having joined my 6 Figure Realtor Mentorship Program  😊  That’s all!


(If you want some great exposure - this is a double opportunity for you! Check it out👇🏽)

See my 5 point checklist to see if you qualify:

✅ You’d LOVE to be a 6-Figure earning Realtor!

✅ You'd LOVE for me to help you build your social media presence online to generate you more leads authentically and establish your authority within the industry! (Check out my personal/business page to see brands/companies I create content for to drive traffic and increase engagement @April.delmonte)

✅ You'd LOVE for me to help you stand out in your market and set yourself apart from other agents!

✅ You’d LOVE to learn how attract clients to you as opposed to you chasing them!

✅ You’d LOVE to capitalize on the extra exposure for your name/brand/business via marketing through this case study! (You would also be free to use for self-promotion)

Furthermore, you must be ambitious, driven and willing to bet on yourself. 

Because truthfully, if you're not willing to bet on your own success, then I’m not willing to bet on your success and waste my time either. 

I’m looking to build my business too - and I’m looking to do that via SUCCESS stories. They only way I can do that is by making YOU successful! So, we will waste no time. 😊 

This mentorship program is currently priced at $12,000/per year and will go up in price the next time I open the doors to my program. 

BUT I’d love to offer this program to 3 specific Realtors at a huge discount. 


If you're reading this, YOU are one of the Realtors I've personally chosen because I see the potential in you! 


And with that being said, I'm offering this program to you for only $1200. All-in. No Tax. A fraction of the full program cost!

AND we will be fast-tracking the program which means instead of 1 year - we complete the program in 1-3 months. (Dependant on your pace!)

We communicate each week to set your goals, take step-by-step action and keep you on track to thriving success. This is as one-on-one as it gets. 

I will literally teach you everything I know so that you can become a 6-Figure Realtor Success-Story. 

If you're in - click the link below to secure your spot - it's that easy! If not, keep reading...

Let me ask you TWO questions:


1️⃣ If you don’t change what you’re currently doing, where do you think your business will be in 3 months, 6 months or even 1 year from now? 

2️⃣ How much longer are you willing to struggle through this industry without any guidance trying to figure it out on your own?

So, the ball is in your court - where do you what to go from here?  😊

Over the next 1- 3 months, you’re going to build your social media presence, learn to generate leads by attracting them to you rather than chasing them, learn new skills, gain a ton of confidence, and literally learn everything you need to know to start thriving in this business! Sounds like a no-brainer to me 🤩

If you’d like to take advantage of this huge opportunity and work together to build your business, click the link below  " I’M ALL IN " to secure your spot and let's get you set up to THRIVE! 

Disclaimer: Only 3 spots available on a first come first serve basis. 

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